Ideal WordPress Plugins for GDPR Compliance

In recent years, we’ve come up with a new word: GDPR. So what is this? And why do we need to make our website compatible with this? In its long name, it is the General Data Protection Regulation. This law was enacted in 2018, and if you collect user data on your site, you must comply with these rules. Otherwise, a fine of 20 million euros will be waiting for you. No one wants to be punished like this, right? Then, you can make your site GDPR compliant using the following plugins.

We want you to know that WordPress has been updating to match GDRP since version 4.9.6, and WordPress itself now supports GDPR. But this does not mean that all plugins in WordPress support GDRP. At the same time, we are not saying that you can make your site 100% GDRP compliant by using this plugin. After all, we are not lawyers, and we don’t know the exact law. That’s why if you want your site to be GDPR compliant, we thought it would be worthwhile to consult a lawyer. However, using GDPR plugins on your website is highly recommended to avoid fines and make your website more secure.


If you intend to use Google Analytics on your website, you should also choose to use this plugin. The main reason this plugin is used is Google Analytics because it is a bit more difficult to set up Google Analytics on a WordPress website correctly. But this plugin also has a built-in Google Analytics dashboard to manage your Google calendar through your WordPress dashboard. Thus, you can see all the necessary information about your visitors just in your WordPress dashboard.

Since any plugin cannot guarantee 100% GDPR compliance in WordPress, MonsterInsights has a long way to go to help users make their websites GDPR compliant.

Some key features:

  • IP address anonymization
  • Geolocation capabilities
  • Disable ad retargeting and reporting.
  • Disable user and author ID tracking.
  • Create your own exception URL.
  • Compatible with cookie plugins
  • Compatible con AMP compatible con CCPA
  • Complies with Google Analytics opt-out analytics cookies


Complianz is one of the best and easiest plugins to use that helps your WordPress website comply with GDPR. Not only does this plugin compatibility end with GDPR, you can also comply with your website with DSVGO, CCPA, PIPEDA, and COPPA. It has built-in functionality from the cookie policy maker.

In the premium version of this plugin, you can increase the cookie acceptance ratio with the A/B test function. At the same time, the plugin is compatible with WordPress multisite.

Some key features:

  • Set cookies for specific regions or around the world
  • Conditional cookie notice with customizable templates
  • Possibility to block 3rd party cookies like Google Maps, Adsense, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • Google Analytics and Tag Manager integration


CookieYes is also a GDPR cookie consent plugin that helps you make your website GDPR compliant (GDPR, DSVGO). It offers both free and premium features, and one of the most useful features – the cookie banner customization option is available in the free version. With this option, you can easily create cookie banners with large-scale personalization preferences that suit the look and feel of your website.

Some key features:

  • Customize cookie consent banners according to how your website looks
  • Set cookie scripts and their details
  • Add a shortcode to display a list of cookies in the website’s privacy/cookie policy
  • Add a “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” link in the banner
  • Automatic banner translation function

GDPR Key Compliance Tools

This is the most comprehensive GDPR and CCPA compliance WordPress plugin that covers all aspects of regulation. It doesn’t matter if you’re already running a website or building a new website out of the box, you have a simple landing page but a sophisticated WordPress-based ecommerce system; This plugin will work for you in all cases. GDPR Ultimate is compatible with all commonly used add-ons. Supporting many European languages will be ice in the cake.

Some key features:

  • Age verification
  • Geolokasi
  • Penyangkalan CCPA
  • Right to be forgotten
  • Access to personal data
  • Seudonimia
  • Privacy by Design
  • Consent to Service
  • Cookie consent
  • Terms and Conditions page
  • Non-compliance notice
  • Data portability


The iubenda plugin is an AIO solution to comply with your website with GPPR (DSGVO, RGPD), UK-GDPR, ePrivacy, PECR, CCPA, etc. It has built-in scanning functionality to automatically configure the solution to fit your website’s needs. With the iubanda plugin, you can easily create fully customizable cookie banners and can store legally required proof of GDPR consent for cookies. If you have visitors from multiple regions, such as the US and EU, the plugin will automatically detect the user’s location and automatically apply the correct data privacy settings to the user. To protect your responsibilities, you can create Professional Terms and Conditions for your website. Support 9 languages to translate all documents in one click. The iubenda plugin is also compatible with Google’s AMP.

Some key features:

  • Scan your website and configure everything automatically according to your website needs
  • Fully responsive solution compatible with WCAG Level AAA
  • Auto-detect function
  • Easy and guided setup
  • Support for Google consent mode
  • Fully customizable cookie banners
  • Lightning-fast performance


Cookiebot is a powerful and simple cloud-based cookie control and consent plugin for WordPress. It has highly customizable consent banners to give customers the opportunity to create all kinds of consent forms worldwide. You have automatically created and updated your cookie policy and cookie statement to categorize your cookies. In addition, there is a “Do not sell my personal information” link in the cookie statement for visitors or customers to ensure that your data is safe. The plugin scans your website monthly and detects all cookies and similar tracking on your website. In addition, one of the best features of this plugin is the automatic cookie blocking function. All cookies and tracking will be stored automatically. Cookiebot supports 45 languages in cookie declarations and consent banners.

Some key features:

  • Highly customizable approval banners
  • Automatically generated cookie policy and cookie statement
  • Do not sell my personal data terms
  • Monthly website scanning
  • Automatic blocking of cookies
  • Supports 45 languages in the approval banner

GDPR Cookie Compliance

You can set up your website for cookie consent requirements by using the GDPR Cookie Compliance plugin. The plugin is easy to use, very powerful and 100% free. While you can do everything you need to do with its free version, it also has many premium features that will elevate the functionality to a higher level. In the free version, there are quite a lot of good features to use. Being fully customizable, fully editable, flexible and SEO-friendly is the main function of this plugin. Also, it comes with two unique designs, and you can choose any of these as you wish. The plugin is also fully responsive on mobile devices. It supports 16 languages, and the plugin is optimized for PHP 7 and 8.

Some key features:

  • Easy to use
  • Full control over cookies
  • Fully customizable and editable
  • Link to Privacy Policy page
  • Two unique designs for approval banners
  • Fully responsive on mobile devices
  • Friendly seo
  • WCAG and ADA compliance
  • Available in 16 languages
  • Supports multiple servers and caching plugins


You must comply with GDPR on your website if you collect user data. All the plugins on the list have the same main purpose: to make your website GDPR compliant. There are both free and paid options that you can choose to use on your website. To avoid legal fines and support cyber law, you can use any of these plugins listed to comply with GDPR.